Basic Controls of Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0

So after the past two days of trying countless tutorials on the web, I decided to sift through the Microsoft articles to see if I could understand their code, and what happened? Success.

I managed to look at the Drive by wire tutorial on Microsoft (

Basically I first created a DSS Service 4.0 in VS2010, added the partners of the Lego NXT brick (very basic ones, just the Drive Operation and Brick basically) – made sure to select Add Notification Port and then built the solution. Then opened it up in DSS Manifest Editor and followed the blog here to edit and set up my Manifest file.

Next, I used Microsofts Drive By Wire Tutorial, which is very clever as you create an abstract class that can be then used with any Manifest file that implements the required services, so if your Lego Robot breaks – you can easily use the simulated environment to showcase your skills.

Any ways, I now have a moving robot that can be controlled by bluetooth and simple up, down, left, right and stop commands.

I have accomplished something today. Time for bed.


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  1. Awesome sauce. That read as complete gibberish to me, but I'm glad it's working

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