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Electricity Monitoring App – Send Push Notifications using Firebase Cloud Functions

This week Firebase launched a new and VERY exciting feature called Firebase Cloud Functions. It makes Firebase even more powerful than before, by allowing you to trigger functions when certain events happen. Events can be any of the following things: Data changes on Firebase Realtime database nodes. Authentication Changes Analytics Changes Cloud Storage Changes and […]

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How to Stage Rollout Features using Firebase Remote Config (Android & iOS)

The Google Play Store has a great feature called “Staged Rollout“. It allows you to slowly release your app to a percentage of your user base. This feature is not available on the iTunes App Store. Using Firebase Remote Config, we can do much more than just stage rollout an entire app – we can stage […]

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A/B Test your App using Firebase Remote Config

Last week I was in Nairobi and Cape Town giving a talk on Remote Config and Test Lab in Firebase. I had such a great time and thought I should share some of the content I presented online. What is A/B Testing? A/B testing is the process of experimentally testing your UI on different audiences in order to […]