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Highlights from Google Developer Days Europe 2017 – Kraków, Poland

This past week I was in Kraków for the Google Developer Days Europe Conference and the Google Developer Experts Summit. There was a lot to learn about new technology and I enjoyed meeting and spending time with many developers from across the globe. I didn’t know much about Kraków before visiting but I’m really thankful to have spent the past week there, exploring the area, having great conversations and eating lots of pierogis!

Google Developer Experts Summit 2017

The Summit was held in the Polish Aviation Museum which was such a great venue for the conference. I loved the attention to detail at the conference. The conference started with an address by Jason Titus and had some really good content to follow. The summit is a yearly event that all Google Developer Experts are invited to attend. The summit covers a whole range of content about Android, Web, IoT etc.

Google developer Experts Summit
Google Developer Experts Summit – Highlights

Google Developer Days Europe – 2017

After the Google Developer Experts Summit, GDD Europe took place in the ICE Conference centre. The conference was a huge success, I was very lucky to be involved in the event by speaking about Android Things!

Speaking in the main auditorium in front of a few hundred people was my highlight of the conference (and also pretty scary!). Overall, I had a great time speaking and you can catch my presentation below.

Some of the other highlights for me of the event included all the cool IoT stuff you could play with at the Android Things booth, including the Android DrawBot. The DrawBot took a photo and then converted your face into a line drawing.

Android Things IoT at Google Developer Days Europe
Android Things IoT at Google Developer Days Europe

There was a lot to see and take in during this conference. I especially enjoyed Florina’s talk about Architecture components, Wojtek’s talk about Android Performance Tools. Another talk that was really interesting was ARCore SDK, which went into detail around Android’s new Augmented Reality SDK and how you can use it.

Free Android Things IoT kits were also handed out, the kit included the Pico i.MX7D device and a few peripherals.

Android Things Kit at Google Developer Days Europe
Android Things Kit from GDD Europe

As with most Google Conferences, there is so much to see and do, including great conversations with highly skilled developers. If you ever are presented with the opportunity of attending a Google conference, I highly encourage you to go.

Google Developer Days Europe Highlights

Kraków is a beautiful city and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Till next time! Thanks #GDDEurope 😃

Wawel Castle
Wawel Royal Castle in Kraków