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Attending Google I/O for the first time

I was very fortunate to attend the annual Google I/O Conference in Mountain View, California this year. I decided to get there a few days earlier to do a bit of sightseeing. I got to see Muir Woods with Chiu-Ki and Marie.

Muir Woods

We also stopped by the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge

I walked the streets of San Francisco and loved the look of the buildings, the way they are built on slanted streets. I had a great time exploring the city.

The night before I/O, I attended two of the many parties that were on offer. I first attended the Women TechMakers Dinner which was spectacular, I met many Android ladies which was really nice. The venue also looked like a wedding was about to happen, it was very magical.

Day 1 was hot and very busy, I was a bit bummed because I couldn’t get into a couple of sessions that I wanted to see but now I will be catching up with them on YouTube.

The highlights for me:

  • Announcement of Google Home. I am interested to see how it can integrate more seamlessly into everyday life
  • New Layout Builder and the new tools introduced into Android Studio like APK analyser & Constraint Layout.
  • Ability to generate Espresso Test code from recording your actions.
  • Instant Apps – which allow a user to use your app without installing it from the PlayStore.
  • Firebase announcements – push notifications and deep linking.

I did manage to see a lot of sessions, some of which I took sketchnotes for. Here are the sketchnotes I took from all the talks I attended:

“Image Compression for Android Developers”

“Battery and Memory Optimisations”

“Growing your app with Firebase”


There was an option to get your app reviewed by a designer and get some advice which was really valuable for me. I received some good ideas for how to make Book Dash more kid-friendly and I am excited to try out the ideas.

I attended a meet up with all the other Android Google Developer Experts which I found to be very valuable as we discussed what the highlights of the conference were for us.

Android Google Developer Experts 2016

All in all – I had a great time and cannot wait to go again.

Did you attend Google I/O? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Till next time California 😀

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This is so awesome rebecca! How i wish was there. i love your sketches and would like to imitate your note keeping style. I need your permission to do that. (To avoid copyright issues) Lol.

I was lucky enough to attend for my first time also this year. I haven’t been in Android development for very long but the things I learned from those presentations were invaluable. I was in attendance at the Firebase and Constraint Layout talks and I’m looking forward to incorporating them soon.

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