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AsyncAndroid: Getting Started with MotionLayout

Wow, what a weird time to be alive, huh? I’m writing this on Day 29 of the lockdown in South Africa due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m not sure I have the right words to address the current situation, nor the expertise to talk about it. However, I am good at talking about Android and […]


Become a Master Builder with these Android Dev Tools

Day-to-day tasks as an Android Developer can consist of varying jobs to complete your work effectively. Whether it is making sure your network requests are correct or ensuring pixel-perfect screens, there are a few tools that have made my day-to-day development easier. These are some of my favourites: Vysor Vysor is my go-to tool for […]

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Lessons Learnt with Kotlin: Extension Functions

At Over, we’ve been using Kotlin since we started the new Android version of the app in November 2018. From day one, we’ve been excited to try the language features and leverage them to build our mobile design app. One of the features we were most excited about was extension functions. What is an Extension […]

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Android: Using Physics-based Animations in Custom Views (SpringAnimation)

Learn how to use physics-based animations in a Custom View implementation for natural looking animations in your app. You’ve used all the standard Android animation techniques, but you find that they sometimes just don’t give you that extra sparkle you are looking for. You’ve wondered how to get more natural looking animations and had no luck […]

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Android MotionLayout Tutorial – Collapsing View

MotionLayout is a layout class that extends from ConstraintLayout. MotionLayout has all the features of ConstraintLayout. On top of that, it also provides the ability to easily animate changes to your UI, without needing to know much about UI interactions and the Android Animation Frameworks. Take for example this subtle animation of a view being […]